Dispelling Myths

It’s staggering how easily we’ve been led by corporations, consumerism, and really clever marketing. I deal with people all the time who know the answer because they’ve been *told* the answer, but it only takes a gram of consideration to realise how glaringly wrong that answer is.

In this section I wish to discuss myths around dogs and how to feed them.

I’ll cover a few very common myths and misconceptions which are thoroughly believed worldwide, and in simple terms explain why they’re wrong.

Firstly, a dog is a carnivore. Fair enough, they’re scavenging carnivores and will happily eat what ever you give them, or to put it another way they’ll allow you to nutritionally abuse them, but they’re still carnivores with a dental and digestive system designed to eat meat.

Dispelling Myths #1 – I’m a dog and I eat corn flakes

Millions of people pick a brand of pet food when their dog’s a puppy, or continue to feed what the breeder fed them, and that’s what they give their dog for life. Why?

Dispelling Myths #2 – Same shit, every day

Every now and then, for whatever reason, people decide to start feeding their dog a different food, only to find the new food makes their dog sick. Or does it?

Dispelling Myths #3 – Please don’t change my diet, I’ll be sick

I often hear people say a food is good because their dog “LOVES IT!”.

Why do they love it? Kids love McDonalds. I love beer. Would you say McDonalds and beer are a nutritionally sound diet?

Dispelling Myths #4 – I love this food, it’s so goooood!

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