I love this food. It’s so goooood!

  • Because a dog eats a food, laps it up, runs around in excitement at feeding time, doesn’t mean the food is good

So far I’ve talked about McDonalds a fair bit, so let’s talk about kids and cake for a while.

Kids friggin’ love cake! If you feed your kids cake all the time they would love it!

Dogs are no different and will eat whatever you put in their bowl. Kids and dogs don’t know the importance of nutrition, but we do, and therefore their health is our responsibility.

If you put a Big Mac and fries in your dogs bowl, would they love it?

If you put Sugar Coated Corn Pops* in their bowl they would love that too?

Given Sugar Coated Corn Pops are full of sugar, food colourings and humectants, I’m pretty sure your dog will easily become addicted (sorry, I mean “love it”).

Q. Because a kid loves a food, does it mean it’s nutritious?

Of course it doesn’t. Foods aimed at kids are high in sugar, because that’s what kids love. Lot’s of dog foods use similar techniques, with ingredients designed to make your dog “love” the food. These ingredients are called palatants, or palatability enhancers.

A palatant can be anything from salt to fatty broths skimmed off the top of a vat of boiling maggoty chickens.

Spinach isn’t very palatable, but chuck on some bacon dressing and it’s a different story.

What if you chucked bacon dressing on a bowl full of soy bean hulls? That sounds less appealing, but I’m sure your dog would seemingly love it.

Now we’re more in the ball park of many brands of dog food sold and fed in the millions.

Because your dog eats a food, even enthusiastically, doesn’t mean the food is good, and it definitely doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

* Sugar Coated Corn Pops are a made up cereal. I don’t wish to mar a brand name unnecessarily.

Here’s a picture of what I imagine Sugar Coated Corn Puffs to look like. Food colouring’s have been added to make the food look appealing to us humans. Our dogs don’t care, they can only see in black and white.


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