I’m a dog and I eat corn flakes

This is nothing radical, and it’s a topic which has been widely discussed in pet circles worldwide for years. It revolves around this:

Q. I’m a meat eater, what should I eat?

  1. Rice Puffs
  2. Wheat-bix
  3. Corn flakes
  4. Meat

Please select only one answer.

Did you pick Meat?

If that’s the case, why are most dog foods made mostly from rice, wheat, and corn?

Dogs have a dental structure and digestive system geared towards eating and digesting meat. Their digestive tract is shorter than ours, which means they can efficiently digest meat and meat proteins, but other types of proteins (i.e. from grains) are harder to digest or even wasted. Carbohydrates, especially when we’re talking about high carbohydrate foodstuffs, are hard for a dog to digest and even damaging.

So why are most kibbles high in carbohydrates and bulked up with protein sources other than meat?

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