Same shit, every day

  • Dogs shouldn’t eat the same food every day…
  • …and they definitely shouldn’t eat the same shit every day.

Let’s talk about McDonalds.

I’m not saying McDonalds food is shit. When I’m late for a gig or a jam with the band I’ll pick up a Big Mac on the way. I realise it’s unhealthy, but the odd burger really isn’t going to affect my health or my gut, is it?

Go on, look at it! It looks tasty, doesn’t it?

But what if I swung by Maccas every morning on my way to work, and every evening on my way home? I’d look like Santa by Christmas.

* Graphical representation of what I could look like by Christmas
* What I’d look like by Christmas

Fortunately I have an active life and love running around the park and playing ball games… (yep, I’m a bit like a dog, aren’t I?)

Despite my diet my lifestyle would keep me trim, and I’d be more reminiscent of Marathon Santa and his hareem of foxy elves.

I can look good anyway, so who cares?
Healthy Santa….?

But I’m sure you’d agree, as would McDonalds CEO Steve Easterbrook, that my insides would be pretty screwed up after months of burgers and fries.

So let me be far flung out and radical for a second….


Why would you feed worse to your dogs every single day?


You may not believe pet food is worse than the infamous MacDonalds beef patty, but consider this:

Even McDonalds can’t legally sell “pet grade” meat.

We live in an age where people feed their dogs very poor quality food, and they feed it every single day.

Maybe that’s why 3 in 5 dogs (and 1 in 3 cats) end up with cancer?

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