Feeding Strategies

There’s a mega-spectrum when it comes to feeding a dog. It depends on budget, but also lifestyle, situation, and where you live.

Feeding a brand of dry food to a dog every day of their life is a huge misconception which arose from corporate marketing. Manufacturers want you to feed their product all the time. This is about profit not your pet. Variety is as important for our dogs as it is for us.

Keep that word in mind – variety.

If you can feed a carefully considered raw diet that’s awesome, but if dry food on a budget  is your only option then don’t feel dismayed – I’ll give you cost-effective tips!

I’m an advocated for varied homemade raw/fresh diets, but as someone who works all the hours under the sun I appreciate the convenience of feeding dry food. I always feel slightly guilty feeding dry food, even ones I know are pretty good, so I mix it up with all the fresh tidbits and meats as and when I can.

Remember, you can only do your best, and seeing as you’ve found this website you’re on the right path.

Let’s begin…

If you’re on a budget and supermarket dry food is your only feasible option, then here’s some quick tips on supplements and fresh foods to greatly improve the health of your dog:

 Strategy #1 – Help, I’m on a budget 

For those of us who’re time poor due to a busy work life there are ways to feed a dog a natural diet without all the efforts of studying raw and making all your dog food.

This strategy covers emerging freeze dried and air dried foods which offer you a formulated raw diet with the convenience of regular dry food:

 Strategy #2 – No time, have money

Raw feeding is a huge topic and needs research. It’s not about giving your dog a chicken breast every day. This strategy offers guidance, tips, and a starting point for those who wish to feed their dog the way nature intended:

 Strategy #3 – Rawsome 

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